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Course Description

Expanded Duty Dental Assistant (EDDA) - NEW ORLEANS

with Nancy Weiss, RDH, CDA, EFDA, Dana Williams, CDA, EDDA, and Brianne Mannino, CDA, EDDA

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 10 - 12, 2018

Lecture & Hands-On Course Location: at LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry

Course #47-18

24 hours clinical CDE credit (12 hrs lecture/12 hrs participation)


Course Sign-In & Breakfast: 7:30 am
Course Start Time: 8:00 am
Course End Time: no later than 5:00 pm

Registration Fee

$650 (Dental Assistant)

Course tuition includes all materials and supplies.  Continental breakfast is provided each morning, and lunch will be provided on Friday and Saturday only. On Sunday, snacks are available.

To Register
Register Online - Course confirmation and information regarding parking, sign-in, and attire will be sent by email.
Call: (504) 941-8193
Fax Registration Form to: (504) 941-8403

Mail Registration Form with Payment to: LSU Health New Orleans Continuing Dental Education
                                                                 1100 Florida Avenue, Box 142-B, New Orleans, LA 70119

This course is limited-attendance - Register Early!

Course Overview
Please note - this is NOT a beginner dental assisting course.

It is the "next step" for assistants who want to expand their capabilities in dental practice.

Do not consider registering for this course unless you actually have experience in chair side assisting.


This course is designed to provide dental assistants - who have a minimum of six months' chair side dental assisting experience - with the knowledge and skills they need to perform expanded duty dental assisting functions as specified by Louisiana law. Hands-on exercises will be performed in the laboratory to reinforce the didactic material presented in the lectures. Each participant will be given and must pass a post-course examination to determine his or her qualifications.


Because the temperature may vary from one location to another during the course, attendees are strongly encouraged to bring a sweater or jacket.

After successfully completing the EDDA course, d
ental assistants must:

  • Complete and sign an "EDDA Application for Certification Confirmation" and mail to the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry (LSBD)
    • The EDDA application requires (see EDDA LSBD Application below):
      • Proof of completion of your EDDA course (Verification of Participation letter)
      • Proof of completion of an LSBD-approved radiology course
      • A copy of a current CPR certification card
      • (You do not need to bring these documents to the LSU EDDA course)

Attention Dental Employers: Qualifying Louisiana dentists can be reimbursed for sending their assistants to EDDA. For details, click on SBET Reimbursement Info.

EDDA Brochure

Essential information about the course for assistants, office managers, and dentists.

Currently not available
LSBD EDDA Application

This PDF application includes detailed information and instructions to become a certified EDDA by the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry. This is from the LSBD website.

Course Objectives
After successfully completing the EDDA course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the limitations and uses of coronal polishing technique as contrasted with a prophylaxis.
  • Name and describe the groups of extrinsic and intrinsic stains on dentition.
  • Describe the use and, care and lubrication of the right angle handpiece.
  • Identify and describe the function of the instruments and materials used in coronal polishing.
  • Demonstrate coronal polishing.
  • Name the instruments and materials for suturing.
  • Demonstrate the process of removing sutures with a sterile technique.
  • Describe the process of placing a medicated dressing postoperative.
  • Explain the cause and treatment of alveolar osteitis.
  • Describe post-operative instructions to a patient for home care.
  • Identify the types and uses of dental liners.
  • Demonstrate the placement of a cavity liner.
  • Identify the parts of the Tofflemire matrix retainer.
  • Demonstrate preparing, placing, wedging and removing a Tofflemire matrix retainer.
  • Identify the sequences of steps in the placement of an anterior restoration; and placement of pit and fissure sealant.
  • Demonstrate the etching of a posterior tooth prior to the placement of pit and fissure sealant.
  • List three methods used for gingival retraction.
  • Demonstrate gingival retraction using the chemical method.
  • Demonstrate the removal of the retraction cord.
  • Describe the manipulation and use of periodontal surgical dressing.
  • Demonstrate the mixing and placement of the periodontal dressing.
  • Demonstrate the removal of the periodontal dressing.
  • Describe the indications for use of nitrous oxide.
  • Describe the contraindication for use of nitrous oxide.
  • Identify the levels of sedation.
  • Knowledgeable of the safety features of the nitrous Unit.
  • Understand technique of application and monitoring nitrous oxide.
  • Demonstrate the application of pit and fissure sealants.
  • Demonstrate the preparation needed before the placement of sealants.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of dental anatomy.
  • Understand the purpose of a temporary crown.
  • Identify the different types of temporary crowns.
  • Fabricate a custom temporary crown.
  • Knowledgeable of proper armamentarium needed for fabrication of a temporary crown.
  • Demonstrate placement of temporary filling.
  • Understand the use of rubber dam and the isolation of teeth

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
The Louisiana Academy of Continuing Dental Education, Inc. (d/b/a: LSU Health New Orleans Continuing Dental Education) reserves the right to cancel any course should circumstances warrant such action. In the event a course is cancelled, the Academy will refund the full tuition. If you cancel your registration for this course, the Academy will refund the tuition you paid (minus an administrative cancellation fee of $65). If you transfer to another course or if another attendee takes your spot in the course, there will be a $45 administrative fee. We must receive your written cancellation request no later than fourteen (14) working days prior to the start of the course by mail, fax at (504) 941-8403, or email at If LSU Health New Orleans CDE receives notification of your cancellation after July 27, 2018, this will result in forfeiture of the entire tuition.

Nonrefundable Airline Ticket, Flight Change, or Hotel Reservation:
The Louisiana Academy of Continuing Dental Education, Inc. (d/b/a: LSU Health New Orleans Continuing Dental Education) cannot be held responsible for the cost of a nonrefundable airline ticket, flight change, or hotel room reservation in the event a course is cancelled or rescheduled.

Please note: No cell phones, laptops, or tablets/iPads are allowed in the course.

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