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Course Description

The 2018-2019 LSU Orofacial Pain ContinuumTM: Five Sessions at LSU School of Dentistry
A comprehensive, one-year, 5-weekend, orofacial pain CE program starting June 15, 2018 and ending March 30, 2019. Designed specifically as an interactive, limited-attendance program for dentists and other health care practitioners who have a desire to better recognize, evaluate, diagnose, manage, and refer patients who have TMD, sleep disorders, and other types of orofacial pain.
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Directed, coordinated and presented by: Henry A. Gremillion, DDS, MAGD; A. Dale Ehrlich, MS, DDS, MAGD; Gary D. Klasser, DMD; and Christopher J. Spencer, DDS. Additional faculty in the following areas: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Clinical & Health Psychology, Physical Therapy, Sleep Medicine, Dental Sleep Practice, Neurology, Risk Management and Reimbursement Practices, and Practice Management.

Registration Fees
Registration Deadline: May 18, 2018
Course # 40-18
A maximum of 74 hours of clinical CDE credit

Tuition for 5-Session Continuum
$9,950 per attendee
(Dentist or Healthcare Professional)

A $1,000 non-refundable deposit reserves your seat. This deposit is credited toward your total tuition. The remaining balance is due May 18, 2018. Tuition fee financing is available through Campus Federal Credit Union. Please contact Bob Leaman at (504) 941-8404 for details. Tuition fee is due at the time of registration.

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LSU's Commitment to Orofacial Pain Education
The widespread condition known as orofacial pain often has a devastating impact on a patient's quality of life. Some surveys estimate that 22 percent of Americans over 18 years of age commonly report pain in the orofacial pain region. When headache is included, the incidence of orofacial pain is much higher. In response to the high incidence of orofacial pain, LSU has committed significant resources to recruiting educators who can provide patient care, as well as instruct students in the field of orofacial pain. According to Dr. Henry A. Gremillion, dean of LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry, "As health care professionals, we should be able to diagnose, manage, or at least know when to refer orofacial pain patients to a qualified practitioner."

Dean Gremillion envisions LSU School of Dentistry as a place where patients who suffer from recurrent or chronic oral and craniofacial pain can receive quality evaluation and care. Equally important, students and residents will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and clinical experience. Key faculty will encourage research collaboration between basic scientists and clinicians with a focus on developing new and improved clinical treatments for TMD and orofacial pain.

Overview & Learning Objectives
Dentists who treat patients with TMD, sleep disorders, and other types of orofacial pain are the primary target audience for this multi-disciplinary and inter-professional continuum. Because many physicians and other health care professionals treat orofacial pain patients, they are encouraged and welcome to attend this continuum. The purpose of the LSU Orofacial Pain ContinuumTM is to establish a new category of CE for orofacial pain that is more comprehensive yet can be completed in a one year, 5-weekend CE program.

After completing this continuum, participants should be better able to recognize, evaluate, diagnose, manage and refer patients who have TMD, sleep disorders, and other types of orofacial pain.

This comprehensive, interactive continuum offers:

  • A limited-attendance program with a low student to faculty ratio.
  • One-on-one learning opportunities, relationship building, and bonding between and among participants and faculty.
  • A 10-½ day CE program that can be completed in five weekends within a year's time for under $10,000.
  • 74 hours of clinical CDE credit, and
  • Breakfast, lunch, beverages and snack breaks each day.

Before the first session and between each session, participants will have self-study assignments:

  • Self-study will consist of reading assignments in books and journals that apply to each subsequent session.
  • These reading assignments are a key element of this comprehensive approach to orofacial pain continuing education.

On Thursday evening, June 14, 2018, LSU will host a welcome reception for all participants at our downtown host hotel. This reception will give participants an initial taste of New Orleans and its hospitality and an opportunity to meet and get to know the continuum faculty and other participants in a relaxed setting.

On Friday evening of the last session, March 29, 2019, LSU will host a dinner in a private dining room for the 2018-2019 LSU Orofacial Pain ContinuumTM class and the course directors. At this dinner, the course directors will announce how the faculty will stay in touch with each continuum class. Each class member will receive a written verification of participation that is personally signed by each continuum director and acknowledges the comprehensive year of study and class work.

A Comprehensive, One Year, 5-Session Orofacial Pain CE Program

Session 1: June 15-16, 2018 (Friday-Saturday)
Clinical Application of Head, Neck, and Airway Anatomy with Dissection

  • In-depth dissection of the head, neck, and airway over a 2-day period.
  • Emphasis is on osteology, the oral cavity, the nasal cavity, the digastric triangle, and the temporomandibular joint.
  • Head, neck, and airway dissected to demonstrate the relationship of structures to orofacial pain conditions including TMD and Sleep Breathing Disorders.
  • Participants will work in two-member teams, each dissecting one-half of a cadaver head.

Session 2: August 17-19, 2018 (Friday, Saturday and half day on Sunday)
Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD): An Evidence-Based Approach to Diagnosis and Management

  • Presents general principles of examination, differential diagnosis, and management of patients with TMD
  • Explains how diagnosis of TMD may be extremely challenging due to the complexity of sensory innervation of the head and neck, the frequency of referred pain in the region, and the uniqueness of each individual's pain experience

Session 3: October 5-6, 2018 (Friday-Saturday)
Dentistry's Role in the Diagnosis & Management of Sleep Disorders

  • Day one focuses on lectures presenting the medical perspective and the dental perspective on Sleep Disordered Breathing.
  • Day two focuses on a clinical session on oral appliance therapy, lectures examining the relationship of sleep to TMD and sleep bruxism, and lectures focusing on different aspects of dental sleep practice

Session 4: January 25-26, 2019 (Friday-Saturday)
The Many Faces of Orofacial Pain: Beyond TMD

  • Advanced diagnosis and management of orofacial pain, and current theory and diagnostic aids used in the differential diagnosis of craniofacial pain
  • Cranial nerve pathology, vascular pain, otalgia, salivary gland pathofunction, neuropathic pain, headaches, burning mouth syndrome, and movement disorders
  • The diagnostic confusion that can result from the complexity of neural networks involving the craniocervical area and the number of conditions that share common symptoms with or may mimic odontogenic pain

Session 5: March 29-30, 2019 (Friday-Saturday)
Session 5: Patient Case Presentations & Review: An Interactive & Participatory Session

  • Case presentations by continuum participants with discussion among participants and faculty
  • Participants will receive a template to help them prepare their respective patient case presentations for this session (the template will enable participants to prepare their cases in a uniform manner
  • Participants will separate into small groups with each participant taking a turn to present his/her own case
  • Everyone will participate in a Q&A session
  • Faculty members will engage participants in a lively round table discussion while providing feedback

Hotel and Travel Reservations
A block of hotel rooms has been reserved for continuum attendees. Please call the CE office at (504) 941-8193 for more information. Please make your own airline reservations as early as possible. (LSU Health New Orleans Continuing Dental Education/The Louisiana Academy of Continuing Dental Education, Inc. is not responsible for the cost of a nonrefundable airline ticket, flight change, or hotel room reservation in the event the continuum session(s) is cancelled or rescheduled.)

Continuum Directors

Henry A. Gremillion, DDS, MAGD,
Dean LSUSD Henry A. Gremillion, DDS, MAGD
Dr. Gremillion is dean of LSU School of Dentistry. Prior to becoming dean, he served over 17 years as director of the Parker E. Mahan Facial Pain Center at the University of Florida College of Dentistry and also directed the college's fellowship program in craniomandibular dysfunction. He received his DDS from LSU and maintained a general dental practice in Cottonport, Louisiana for over a decade. Dr. Gremillion has lectured extensively in the United States and abroad and has authored or co-authored over 75 scientific articles, abstracts, and book chapters in the field of orofacial pain. In recent years, he has been instrumental in recruiting a core group of new dental school faculty members to address education and patient care in the area of orofacial pain.
Dale Ehrlich, MS, DDS, MAGD
A. Dale Ehrlich, MS, DDS, MAGD
Chairman of the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry and Biomaterials at LSU School of Dentistry and a retired Captain in the Dental Corps, US Navy, Dr. Ehrlich earned his DDS at Indiana University. He completed a fellowship in orofacial pain at the University of Florida Craniofacial Pain Center. Upon completion of this training, he was assigned to the Naval Postgraduate Dental School (NPDS) where he established the Orofacial Pain Postgraduate Program for the Navy Dental Corps and served as the first specialty leader for temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and orofacial pain. At NPDS, he co-founded the Department of Defense Orofacial Pain Center and its residency program. Dr. Ehrlich is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orofacial Pain and a Diplomate of the American Board of General Dentistry.
Gary Klasser, DMD Gary D. Klasser, DMD
An associate professor at LSU School of Dentistry's Department of Comprehensive Dentistry and Biomaterials, Division of Diagnostic Sciences, Dr. Klasser earned his DMD from the University of Manitoba. He earned a certificate in orofacial pain from the University of Kentucky, College of Dentistry, and he completed a fellowship in oral medicine and oral oncology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Dentistry where he served as assistant professor and director and chief of the oral medicine and orofacial pain clinic. Currently, his responsibilities at LSU include: clinical management, continuing education, research and training of predoctoral and postdoctoral students. He is the author or co-author of 60 peer-reviewed journal articles, two textbooks, and 20 textbook chapters. He is currently President of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain.
Christopher Spencer, DDS
Christopher J. Spencer, DDS
Dr. Spencer is an associate professor at LSU School of Dentistry's Department of Diagnostic Sciences. He earned his DDS degree from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. Following many years of private dental practice in San Rafael, California, Dr. Spencer completed a two year fellowship in orofacial pain at the University of Florida Parker E. Mahan Facial Pain Center. He became clinical director of the Pain Center under Dr. Henry Gremillion. Currently, Dr. Spencer's responsibilities involve clinical faculty practice in the treatment of orofacial pain, training both predoctoral and postdoctoral students in diagnosis and treatment planning, continuing education, and writing articles to help educate health care professionals about the reality of facial pain in our patient populations.

LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry/The Louisiana Academy of Continuing Dental Education, Inc. (d/b/a: LSU Health New Orleans Continuing Dental Education) is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP neither approves or nor endorses individual courses or instructors nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. Concerns or complaints about a CE provider may be directed to the provider or to the Commission for Continuing Education Provider Recognition at

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
The Louisiana Academy of Continuing Dental Education, Inc. (d/b/a: LSU Health New Orleans Continuing Dental Education) reserves the right to cancel this continuum (or any session thereof) should circumstances warrant such action. If this continuum is cancelled, the Academy will refund the full tuition. If any session is cancelled, the pro rata cost of the cancelled session will be refunded to you or you may attend the same session at the next continuum. If you cancel your registration for this continuum, you will receive a refund (minus an administrative cancellation fee of 10% of the total tuition) if LSU Health New Orleans CDE receives written notice by May 18, 2018. Notification of cancellation received after May 18, 2018 will result in forfeiture of your entire tuition.

Nonrefundable Airline Ticket, Flight Change, or Hotel Reservation:
The Louisiana Academy of Continuing Dental Education, Inc./ (d/b/a: LSU Health New Orleans Continuing Dental Education) cannot be held responsible for the cost of a nonrefundable airline ticket, flight change, or hotel room reservation in the event this continuum (or any session of this continuum) is cancelled or rescheduled.

New Knowledge Related to Dental Practice:
Dental education and dental continuing education programs have an obligation to disseminate new knowledge related to dental practice. In so doing, some presentations may include controversial materials or commercial references. Participants are cautioned about the potential risks of using limited knowledge when incorporating techniques and procedures into their practices, especially when the course or program has not provided them with supervised clinical experience in the technique or procedure to ensure that they have attained competence. Providership or partial providership of a continuing education course by LSU Health New Orleans Continuing Dental Education does not necessarily imply endorsement of a particular philosophy, procedure, or product.

Continuing Education Credit:
Continuing education credit awarded for participation in this continuum may not apply toward license renewal in all states. It is the responsibility of each participant to verify the requirements of his or her state licensing board.

Please: No recording devices in lecture rooms, and turn mobile phones off.


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